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The Forgotten Art of Happiness (52 Ideas That Will Change Your Life )
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The Forgotten Art of Happiness (52 Ideas That Will Change Your Life )

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 Short Description :
“Ali Zakaria provides advice that is both simple and wise, both rigorous and practical. Read the book, apply its lessons, and enjoy higher levels of fulfillment and happiness”

Tal Ben-Shahar
Best-selling author of Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment and lecturer on positive psychology at Harvard University.

“Great, authentic book that's full of practical ideas. The fact that all ideas are tested by the author means that you too can do it to enjoy a happier life”

Mohamed Tohami,
Chief Dreamer and Founder, the Passion Point

Have you been searching for happiness? Are you looking for ways to lead a happier life? Do you ever wonder how to reach that desired state of continuous, everlasting happiness? This book answers these questions and offers you a complete guide to achieve a fulfilling and happy life. This book will be your first step towards happiness as well as your companion in your pursuit of happiness.
I have spent two and a half years researching, experimenting, and interviewing people to find the best and easiest methods to lead a happier life. I have discovered that the key to a nurtured body is eating a variety of foods, not only one. Similarly, the key to happiness is taking diverse actions, not only one.
In this book, you will find 52 tested ideas that you can apply to create a persistent happy life experience.
What is in it for you?
• Techniques, methods, principles, exercises, and tested ideas to live a happier life.
• The empowering knowledge of how to be satisfied in any situation.
• The inspiring stories of other people who have found happiness.
This book is divided into four parts that cover all areas of your life.

“There will be three types of people who will show up when you start to do something you love or when you create something new. The first type is the person who tries to shame you. This person will tell you that you are not enough and, when you start to feel confident, they will make you question yourself. The second type is the person who will make you feel small, who will tell you that you are too late, that there are so many other people who are doing it better than you or that what you are doing has no impact. The third type is the person who will compare you to others, telling you about how trained, qualified, or talented they are. Knowing and accepting that these three types of people will show up will make you feel secure and confident when dealing with them. Next time they try to tell you what you should do, remind yourself to respect them but not to listen to them. You have to be careful because these types of people could be the closest people to you; they could even turn out to be you.”

Author Name :

Ali Zakaria

About the Author
Ali Zakaria is a judge since 2009 but he has been following his passion for self-help and spirituality since 2005. He is a certified NLP practitioner by the international federation of coaching and NLP and certified Time Line therapy practitioner by the TimeLine therapy association; he attended numerous seminars and workshops online and offline on coaching, spirituality, inspiration, and business. His passion took him from a shy anxious thin guy to a fit, self-aware, determined man. He achieved this level of awareness by consuming a lot of knowledge, writing, and monitoring and analyzing his actions. He is also the founder of A Space to Be; it is an initiative that organizes workshops, group discussions, and retreats to help people find out who they really are.